Reference List

1976 - Togo Feasibility study on beekeeping possibilities in the highlands
1976 - Ivory Coast Expert opinion on the situation of beekeeping and honey quality in the northern part of the country
1977 - Liberia Forest minor products, especially in beekeeping
1979 - Turkey Setting up a bee-hive production line and chest plant
1979 - Germany Planning a technical concept for professional beekeeping with about 2000 colonies
1979 - Indonesia Proposals for training courses for the forest faculty of Samarinda with beekeeping as forest minor product
1979 - Tunesia Study on the promotion of regional beekeeping in Sedjenane
1980 - Zambia Feasibility study on promotion of forest beekeeping incl. proposals for:
  • market and marketing locally and export
  • improvement of beekeeping
  • training for beekeepers locally and abroad
  • 1980 - Tanzania Evaluation of beekeeping training possibilities and way of honey production for guest trainees from neighbouring countries
    1981 - Germany Identification of applied technlogies for beekeeping in tropical countries
    1981 - Germany Market study in honey and beeswax consumption and import to EEC countries
    1982/83 - Zambia/Europe Study and export promotion of honey and beeswax to the EEC with proposals for
  • marketing structures
  • beekeeping centres
  • beekeeping schools
  • 1983 - Ecuador Possibilities for improvement of honey and beeswax production with regard to export to the US market and EEC market
    1983 - Haiti/Europe Export promotion and selling of honey and beeswax to the EEC:
  • improvement of honey quality
  • visiting of EEC importers
  • making contacts for Haitian beekeeping cooperatives
  • 1983 - Germany/Saudi Arabia Consultancy for a beekeeping project to improve fruit and vegetable crop
    1983/84 - Kenia Evaluation of the Samburu industrial beekeeping potential:
  • proposals for improvement of beekeeping with practical demonstrations and implementation of apiaries
  • 1984 - Pakistan Research work in honey quality and consultancy in export promotion for beekeepers
    1984 - Morocco Promotion of beekeeping in the Beni Boufrah region:
  • creation of cash crop (honey, beeswax)
  • multiplying fruit and vegetable crops
  • protection against erosion
  • implementation of the project and follow up
  • 1984 - Malawi The beekeeping industry of Malawi: prospects and proposals for development
    1985 - Swasiland Study on promotion of beekeeping industry for export as part of rural development
    1985 - Europe Planning, organizing and implementing a marketing tour for African honey and besswax producers
    1985/86 - Morocco Implementation of a beekeeping project in the Rif Mountains:
  • setting up a demonstration apiary
  • doing extension work with local traditional and modern beekeepers
  • training extension work in the demonstration apiary
  • 1986 - Papua New Guinea Promotion of beekeeping, esta-blishing a training programme incl. revolving funds and export promotion in rural areas
    1986 - Ethiopia Implementing a commercial beekeeping centre in Bebeka incl. training and extension work
    1987 - Ethiopia Upgrading of Holeta beekeeping and training centre incl. follow up with organization of other shortterm experts in bee pests and diseases, selective queen breeding etc. and organization of training courses and training fellowship abroad
    1985/86/87 - Morocco Follow up of the implemented beekeeping station in the Rif Mountains
    1987 - Western Samoa Evaluation and consultancy on a beekeeping project producing mainly for export
    since 1987 -Germany/Jamaica Management, backstopping and scientific advising for a beekeeping project with visits to Jamaica
    1988 - Europe Organizing and implementing a marketing study tour for exporters visiting Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK
    1988 - Europe Market study for honey, beeswax and other bee products with special regard to Jamaican beekeepers' products
    1988 - Ethiopia Organizing and implementing a 2 month course for potential beekeeping extension workers in the beekeeping training centre Holeta
    1988 - Germany/Jamaica Selection of different shortterm experts and organizing their visits in the beekeeping poject in Jamaica incl. revue of the studies and preparing the studies
    1988 - Ethiopia Upgrading the beekeeping training centre Holeta
    1988/89 - Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe Assisting planning officers of the SADACC countries in planning and implementing of projects for rural development:
  • beekeeping
  • freshwater fishery
  • sustained yield in forest utilization
  • 1989 - Ethiopia Evaluation of wood workshops for production of beekeeping equipment
    1989/90 - Europe/Jamaica Backstopping for the beekeeping project in Jamaica
    1990 - Botswana Improvement and strengthening of forestry colleges in the SADACC countries. Preparation of the project document for implemen-tation of a forest education programme
    1990/91 - Yemen Feasibility study on promotion of beekeeping in rural areas through education, training, preparing of extension work packages and backstopping for commercial beekeepers
    1991 - Zambia Identifying alternatives for bark hives used by beekeepers, depleting the forest in the North Western Province of Zambia
    1991 - Jamaica Backstopping of an beekeeping project, incl. marketing for local and export markets
    1992 - Tanzania Potential analysis for forest minor products, especially natural gums, honey and beeswax, incl. follow up, marketing and marketing proposals
    1992 - Germany/Europe Implementing a list of adresses with persons, institutes and institutions who deal in forest minor products, incl. beekeeping, honey and beeswax markets
    1993 - Benin Proposals worked out with a beekeeping officer how to promote beekeeping as an alternative income for the farmers around the Lama Forest Reserve
    1993 - Europe Preparing a marketing tour for Tanzanian honey and beeswax producers
    1994 - Madagascar Evaluation of the beekeeping component of a rural development project incl. preparation of:
  • a flower calendar of honey and nectar giving plants
  • migratory scheme and training in bee migratory into the highlands
  • preparing a training schedule and syllabus for a 6 and 12 months beekeepers and extensive workers training course
  • 1994 - Philippines Evaluation of the training possibilities in the Philippines for beekeeping, preparing a feasibility study for side-line beekeeping (25 hives) and professional beekeeping (160 hives) incl. a syllabus for a 12 months training course, production and marketing of different beeproducts besides honey and beeswax
    1994 - Germany Preparation and implementation of a six weeks upgrading training course for a beekeeping teacher from Madagascar in Germany for
  • bee management
  • bee pests and diseases
  • bee migration (highland lowland)
  • markets and marketing
  • honey quality control
  • elaboration of a six months training course for subject matter specialists
  • 1995 - Germany Since 1956 running an own demonstration apiary of about 25 hives incl. migratory bee-keeping, honey, beeswax and pollen production, queen breeding, marketing of beeproducts
    1995 - Madagascar Evaluation of a 6 months training course in the new established beekeeping training center in Port Berge
    1995 - Germany Market study and marketing of import honeys from special developing countries in mail order houses and honey importers
    1995 - Germany/Jamaica Backstopping for the Jamaican beekeepers promotion project, especially beekeepers association, long term education for beekeepers, neighbours law for beekeepers
    1996 - Madagascar Training and education for farmer beekeepers in a rural developemnt project